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10 people missing after an accident in a mine in Poland


Rescuers are without contact with 10 people who were in the Zofiowka mine, said in a press release the JSW company, which also owns the Pniowek mine, where an accident caused the death of five people on Wednesday and where there was no hope of finding seven others.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who judged devastating information on the accident, indicated that he would go to the site.

He also said he hoped that there will be no deaths and that the rescuers will find alive wanted minors.

According to JSW, Saturday’s tremor occurred 900 meters deep at 3:40 a.m. local time at the Zofiowka mine. It was accompanied by a large leak of methane.

Fifty-two miners were near where the tremor took place. Forty-two of them were able to return to the surface unscathed.

Twelve rescue teams were involved in the rescue operation. According to a statement from JSW, they made progress in their search and were around noon local time, about 600 meters from where the wanted minors are likely to be.

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In 2018, in another accident at the same mine, five people died.

Increase in accidents

Saturday’s accident is the second in four days in Poland.

On Wednesday, a firedamp explosion in the Pniowek mine caused the death of five people.

There was no news of seven other miners who were still in the mine as the rescue operation, deemed dangerous after several more methane explosions, was officially abandoned on Friday.

Twenty people were hospitalized, including six for serious burns, following this accident.

Situation analysis led us to abandon the rescue operation carried out to evacuate the seven miners remained at the bottom of the well, Tomasz Cudny, the president of JSW, told reporters on Friday.

The mining group’s officials said they recorded new firedamp explosions overnight from Thursday to Friday, which caused ten additional minor injuries among the rescuers who were trying to install a new ventilation duct at the bottom of this deep mine shaft. about 1000 meters.

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Poland, which still depends on coal for about 70% of its energy consumption, has experienced other mining accidents in recent years.

In the latest, in March 2021, two miners died and two others were injured in an accident at the Myslowice-Wesola mine in the south of the country.

In 2021, the mining sector employed nearly 80,000 people in Poland.

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