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40 injured in violence after far-right protests in Sweden


In some cases it may even be attempted murder and in all cases a crude assault by law enforcementnational police chief Anders Thornberg said at a press conference.

The extent of the injuries was not disclosed, but according to the local press it would be minor injuries.

Leader sentenced for racist insults in Denmark

The first clashes took place on Thursday in Linköping and Norrköping (south), the first two stages of the tour of the anti-immigration and anti-Islam group hard lineled by the Danish-Swedish Rasmus Paludan who intends to burn the Koran in the public square during rallies organized in neighborhoods with a large Muslim population.

Mr. Paludan then went to Örebro (center), then to the suburbs of Stockholm and finally to Malmö (south), before announcing new gatherings on Sunday in Linköping and Norrköping, which he finally gave up.

Criminal individuals took advantage of the situation to use violenceAnd this, unrelated to protestsdenounced Mr. Thornberg during the press conference during which he asked for more resources.

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We are too few. Our workforce is growing, but not keeping pace with the problems within the companyhe lamented.

On Sunday, clashes with the police, punctuated by stone throwing and burning cars, broke out, leading to 26 arrests in Norrköping and Linköping.

About 200 participants were violent on the spot and the police had to intervene with weapons in self-defense. »

A quote from Jonas Hysing, Special Operations Manager

The police had already announced that three people had been wounded by bullets during the incident, classified as riotby law enforcement.

In Malmö, where Mr. Paludan, sentenced in Denmark for racist insults, burned a Koran on Saturday, the night from Sunday to Monday was agitated as the day before, with in particular a fire starting in a school.

Protests from Iraq and Saudi Arabia

Rallies organized by Mr. Paludan, during which he burns the Koran, have sparked protests in the Arab world.

Iraqi diplomacy, which summoned the Swedish charge d’affaires, judged that it was an act provocative for the feelings of Muslims and offensive for what is sacred to them.

Saudi Arabia also has condemned the actions of certain extremists in Sweden and their provocations against Muslimsaccording to his official agency.

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