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A blood test can study the DNA of prostate cancer


We’ve managed to get a much clearer picture of what happens when a person has cancerexplains Dr. Alex Wyatt, principal investigator of the Vancouver Prostate Centre.

He adds that knowing theDNA of cancer using a vial of blood would make it possible to avoid biopsies which can be painful, but also to have more suitable treatments for patients.

We can have two individuals with precisely the same type of cancer, but who can be genetically very different. This can explain why one person will have a very progressive cancer, while the other’s will be less aggressive.says Dr. Wyatt.

The next step will be to determine if a targeted treatment based on theDNA prostate cancer, established by a blood test, will have beneficial effects on the patient and will be more effective in the fight against the disease.

The true value of a blood test is also inclusiveness. A person from a rural community who does not have access to a major hospital to perform a biopsy could send a vial of blood in the mail to be analyzed at aargues Dr. Wyatt.

A test for other cancers

For the moment, the researcher and his team, including around twenty students, have focused their study on around forty men with prostate cancer. Dr. Wyatt hopes the new blood test can be applied to other types of cancer.

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The research data has also been published as an open source. Both the code and the data and the procedure can be taken over by other scientists so that the research can be pursued in other ways.

According to Stuart Edmonds, senior vice-president of mission, research and public interest at the Canadian Cancer Society, there is no doubt that this research will have an impact on other types of cancer.

When I read the study, I was very excited to see the progress we are making in cancer researchhe says.

He points out that, to cure prostate cancer, a bone biopsy is currently needed, because metastases are often found there. This procedure being very complex, painful and invasive a blood test would be a real change.

This is the next step. Can having this information really help the patient? We think so, but we have to prove itconcludes the researcher.

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