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A clinic for all Aboriginal people in Quebec


Various care services are already offered in Wendake, but as nurse clinician Kathy Lainé-Grondin points out, they are reserved for Wendat. At 40 rue Morissette, this will not be the case.

At the Native Friendship Center of Quebec and at the Nitnat Clinic, our services and care are offered to all members of other First Nations and to all Inuit who live or are passing through the urban area of ​​Quebec.explains Orania Gros-Louis, head of the clinic.

Those who consult in this clinic will be entitled to everything that is usually found in a CLSC : samples, monitoring of chronic illnesses, sex education… In addition to care, the emphasis will also be placed on prevention.

A clinic for Aboriginals and by Aboriginals is still necessary, says the nurse.

Several refusals

Some aboriginal people who find themselves in the mainstream health care system feel lost. They feel like they are not understood. It’s fast, it’s big. They are cared for in French, which is not always their first language. It’s got to be destabilizing.

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Kathy Lainé-Grondin agrees: At the clinic, we will take the time, and we can use interpreters who speak all types of Aboriginal languages.

Many times the CAAQ presented his clinic project with a view to obtaining public funding; several times it was refused.Echaquan made things happen. It took drama to make things happen”,”text”:”The JoyceEchaquan case made things happen. It took drama to make things happen”}}’>The Joyce Echaquan case got things moving. It took drama to make things happennotes the practitioner.

The Nitnat clinic is recognized by the RAMQ. Those who go there for treatment will therefore be covered by the Régie de l’assurance maladie.

According to information collected by Guillaume Dumas

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