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A coup? What coup?


Deprived of social networks for a long time, the former Republican president lacks forums to convey his messages which, more often than not, relate again and again to the election which would have been stolen from him. A fanciful theory yet dismantled piece by piece over and over again for a year.

Today, Trump appears from time to time on television networks which are blindly favorable to him and where his conspiratorial theses of theBig lie“,” text “:” Big Lie “}} ‘>Big lie (The Big Lie) are magnified. Whether through OANN, Newsmax and to a lesser extent Fox News, he manages to reach his militant base.

For the rest, it’s rather discreet … Unless you have subscribed to his chain of emails that he sometimes distributes, on certain days, by the dozen. Emails of mobilization urging his supporters to provide him with money, this famous nerve of war, so that he save america.

One of the many emails sent by Donald Trump's team to raise funds from his supporters.

One of the many emails sent by Donald Trump’s team to raise funds from his supporters.

Photo: Screenshot

Here’s a look at the messages he sends them (all caps are from the former president): Joe Biden and the radical left are working overtime to try to CANCEL everything I have accomplished on behalf of the American people … We have a MAJOR MONTH END DEADLINE FOR THE FUNDRAISING coming up and I’m counting really about YOU, the Friend. The fake news cannot bear the fact that so many people in our country know the truth, that the 2020 elections have been rigged and stolen.

A money-raising machine

Any candidate, declared or not, needs money to build a fund for a possible campaign. Also, nothing very unique here. But where Trump’s campaign differs from the others is in the insistence with which he wants to convince his flock to give him money.

Donald Trump Jr uses his father's list of subscribers to send funding requests to supporters of the former president.

Donald Trump Jr uses his father’s list of subscribers to send funding requests to supporters of the former president.

Photo: Screenshot

Donald Trump Junior is also not outdone and reminds all those who are on his father’s list of subscribers (again, the capital letters are from him): My dad wants to personally invite you to his NEXT gathering. I told him you’ve been a real WARRIOR – so he wants to give you VIP TICKETS for his rally.

Results? With his aggressive marketing campaign, the ex-president managed to raise over $ 105 million in just a few months. A war chest collected in a legal and totally consensual manner among his fully devoted supporters.

In addition, and this is the great advantage that Donald Trump can derive from it, as long as he does not declare himself a candidate for the Republican nomination for the presidency, he can do with it what he wants, without having to return accounts.

Nothing for the insurgents of the Capitol

Donald Trump continues to praise those who ransacked the Capitol in his name on January 6, 2021, in the foolish hope that his claims to victory, however invalidated by the official results, will be erected in absolute truth.

Only, how much money did he spend to help his some 700 supporters who were prosecuted for their participation in the riot – which was nothing more than an attempted coup to prevent the certification of election results? Zero dollar.

Supporters of Donald Trump broke into the Capitol in order to prevent the certification of the official results of the 2020 presidential election.

Supporters excited after a speech by Donald Trump on January 6, 2021 took over the Capitol in Washington.

Photo: dpa via getty images / SAUL LOEB

Instead, according to the Federal Election Commission, Trump spent millions of dollars to raise even more money, but also spent over a million on legal fees and hundreds of thousands of dollars on staff to maintain his visibility with press releases. press and political rallies.

Not to mention the money invested in its own businesses …

Democracy in danger

But most worrying is this festival of messages of support that Donald Trump sends to Republican candidates presenting themselves as good disciples and who do not make much of the achievements of democracy.

The clearly stated goal of the process is to elect candidates who will do everything to promote, among other things, reforms of the right to vote in order to prevent voters – necessarily Democrats – from having access to the polling stations but also – and this is the most worrying – which will make sure to put between the good hands authentication of electoral results.

Needless to say, in the event of results unfavorable to Republicans, they would be overthrown.

The supporters of the former president wanted to prevent the certification of the results of the presidential election.

Donald Trump supporters storm the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Photo: afp via getty images / ALEX EDELMAN

Moreover, for anyone who wants his support, Donald Trump, who still controls the majority of the Republican Party, has made it clear that denying the results of the 2020 presidential election – and therefore subscribing to theBig lie“,” text “:” Big Lie “}} ‘>Big lie – was a prerequisite.

A wind of trivialization

Trump is the first president in 232 years of American history to refuse to hand over power peacefully to his successor. His incitement to riot for decertify the results which confirmed Joe Biden’s victory are still the subject of a commission of inquiry.

And his claims to victory still have broad support within his party. A recent University of Massachusetts Amherst poll found that 71% of Republicans do not believe Biden was legitimately elected president in November 2020. Only 6% of them said Biden was unequivocally the winner. And about 80% of Republicans called the Jan.6 attack a expression.

Another poll from Washington post-University of Maryland has also shown that 34% of Americans believe that violent action against the government is sometimes justified.

So much data that shivers down your spine and testifies to the weakening of the American political system, but which also confirms the trivialization of what happened on January 6, 2021.

Donald Trump is multiplying partisan rallies to test his popularity and mobilize his troops of faithful.

Until he declares himself a presidential candidate, Donald Trump can raise money without being accountable for the use of the funds.

Photo: Getty Images / Elsa

A coup? Who would have thought he would ever hear about this in the United States? Although for Trump supporters, January 6, 2021, was not that bad. Some of them see it more as a stunt by the antifas, Black Lives Matter, the FBI or other government agencies in order to discredit the movement pro-democracy from Trump.

The Trumpians are preparing their revenge

Another sign that America’s political system is in danger of being put to the test again? According to a poll published this week by Axios-Momentive, 57% of respondents believe that another attack like the one on January 6 could happen again within a few years. In short, the idea is gaining ground.

Faced with a Democratic White House, entangled in bills it cannot get Congress to pass – and, let’s say, rather amorphous in the face of the Trumpian attacks on the democratic process – the Republicans are preparing their revenge under the banner of the trumposphere.

It does this in particular by redistributing the electoral maps of the States to its advantage (the famousgerrymandering“,” text “:” gerrymandering “}} ‘>gerrymandering) for the midterm elections, to secure resounding victories in vital states like Georgia, Arizona, Texas, Ohio and Florida.

In short, the American nation seems in a very sorry state.

Donald Trump continues to rally with his supporters to promote his potential 2024 election candidacy

Donald Trump’s troops see 2024 as a revenge on the 2020 election, which they have not accepted defeat.

Photo: Getty Images / Scott Olson

Donald Trump was planning to hold a press conference from his Florida lair in Mar-a-Lago, a year to the day after the events January 6, but ultimately canceled the event in order to prioritize its January 15 gathering in Arizona as a forum for this topic.

Another opportunity to boost its fundraising campaign and test the mobilization of its troops for the next coup by 2024.

A coup d’etat, what coup? Move along, there’s nothing to see…

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