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A look at tech trends in 2022


But these futuristic visions are not expected to materialize on a daily basis for a long time. Update on the trends to follow from next year.

Countries confront the GAFA

The immense power of GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) has irritated the authorities for years. Europe is taking action, Russia and China frame or censor them, and in 2021 the United States is armed to do battle.

The angle of attack: competition law. Several investigations and legal proceedings are underway against these companies, accused of abuse of a dominant position.

The American competition authority (FTC) believes, for example, that Facebook has bought Instagram and WhatsApp to crush any risk of future competition.

Mark Zuckerberg’s group finds itself in a particularly difficult position after the massive leak of internal documents orchestrated by whistleblower Frances Haugen, showing that the management of the company is aware of the damage caused by its applications, especially for younger people and democracy.

A woman testifies before a commission at the United States Capitol.

Frances Haugen has handed over thousands of internal Facebook documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the US stock market authority.

Photo: Getty Images / Pool

The American elected officials, for their part, approved in committee bills that call into question the domination of the GAFA.

Crypto madness

The first phase of the web was the creation of blogs and websites, like Yahoo, eBay or Amazon. Then came web 2.0, the current era, dominated by social networks and content sharing.

Platforms like Facebook and YouTube have control and reap the income advertising, summarizes Benedict Evans, an independent analyst specializing in Silicon Valley.

On the web 3.0 that Internet users are calling for, people who use, create or develop own shares (of the site) and can vote, like in a co-op, he explained recently in his podcast.

Portrait of Elon Musk pointing his finger at the sky.

Tesla boss Elon Musk has criticized the idea of ​​web 3.0, calling it a “marketing hashtag”.

Photo: Reuters / Patrick Pleul

This new step, hypothetical for now, would be based on blockchain technology, which has allowed the rise of cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ethereum, etc.) and JNFs (non-fungible tokens or NFTs, certificates of digital authenticity for online content).

We talk a lot about decentralized finance, but I think that in 2022, we will see more localized use cases, which will come into everyday life., intervenes David Bchiri.

The city of Miami, Florida has raised more than US $ 20 million ($ 25.6 million) with its cryptocurrency, created in collaboration with CityCoins, an open-source protocol designed especially for municipalities looking for money. alternatives to fundraising. New York also embarked on the crypto adventure in early November.

But these technologies have a significant environmental impact, because of the massive electricity needs of computer networks and data centers, links in the block chain.

The explosion of cryptocurrencies also worries regulators. In September, the Chinese Central Bank even ruled that all financial transactions involving cryptocurrencies were illegal.

Online Extortion

Ransomware attacks and theft of confidential data are expected to continue on a large scale in 2022.

Between the rise in the value of cryptocurrencies and the authorities’ difficulties in apprehending hackers, digital blackmail has taken off. It consists of hacking into an organization’s computer network and asking it for a cryptocurrency ransom in exchange for the code to regain access to its machines.

With 495 million ransomware attacks recorded to date, 2021 is already the costliest and most dangerous year, noted cybersecurity company SonicWall in October.

In 2022, the main topic for me and my colleagues is going to be ransomware. It’s too lucrative not to continue, wrote Sandra Joyce, director of intelligence for cybersecurity firm Mandiant.

And according to the American NGO Identity Theft Resource Center, data leaks will also break records.

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