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A “modest, but significant effect” for the treatment remdesivir | Coronavirus


The study, published Wednesday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, is billed as the largest single-country remdesivir trial reported to date.

The results are part of a larger study called Solidarity, from the World Health Organization, a randomized, controlled trial evaluating the impact of remdesivir on patients with COVID-19 in several countries.

Researchers from the University of British Columbia and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center of Toronto enrolled 1,282 patients at 52 hospitals between August 14, 2020 and April 1, 2021. About half received a 10-day course of remdesivir while the other half got the usual level of care.

Among participants who were not on a ventilator at the start of the study, 8% of the remdesivir group – or 46 patients – subsequently required a ventilator, compared to 15%, or 89 patients, of those who received standard care.

The study also found that patients on remdesivir stopped the use of oxygen and ventilators sooner.

Evidence has so far been mixed on the effect of remdesivir in people with COVID-19. The World Health Organization recommended against using it to treat the virus in November 2020, saying at the time that there is currently no evidence that remdesivir improves survival and produces other outcomes.

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Remdesivir, which is given intravenously, is an antiviral drug originally developed to treat hepatitis C.

Robert Fowler, senior scientist at Sunnybrook and co-author of the study, said earlier recommendations against remdesivir stemmed from premature data that did not show a statistically significant impact on patients with COVID-19.

He added that the results of the Canadian trials could, however, overturn views on the treatment.

: “OK (remdesivir) seems to have a number of positive effects””,”text”:”We will probably help a number of other countries that have similar health systems in terms of resources to say: “OK (remdesivir) seems to have a number of positive effects””}}”>We will probably help a number of other countries that have similar health systems in terms of resources to say, “OK (remdesivir) seems to have a number of positive effects”, said Mr. Fowler.

This will likely lead people to be much more confident that the drug is effective for certain results.

Mr Fowler said he expected the WHO to publish the results of the other countries participating in the Solidarity trial within the next two months.

The Canadian branch, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, collected more detailed data than some other countries and included patients from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

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The study also looked at in-hospital mortality, which was slightly lower in the remdesivir group, at 18.7%, compared to 22.6% in the control group. Mr Fowler said these figures were not statistically significant in absolute terms.

While the study period ended before Omicron arrived in Canada, Fowler noted that remdesivir is likely to have the same effect on people hospitalized with the variant.

He added that effective treatments for COVID-19 are essential at this stage of the pandemic, as the growing number of cases has overwhelmed health systems across the country.

The publication of the study came two days after Health Canada authorized the use of Pfizer’s Paxlovid antiviral pill, intended to reduce hospitalizations in people at higher risk of developing a severe form of the disease.

It becomes essential that the next line of treatments is effective and growing, said Mr. Fowler. I would say, thankfully, that through a lot of hard work, there are a growing number of drugs out there, this one included […] to help patients survive and be discharged from hospital sooner.

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