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A museum entirely devoted to non-fungible tokens opens its doors


Seattle’s JNF Museum features original works accompanied by explanations of the technologies that make them possible.

Its vocation: to help people who visit it orient themselves in the world of non-fungible tokens (called non-fungible token Where NFTin English).

The advantage of having a physical place is to facilitate access [aux JNF] to everyone. »

A quote from Peter Hamilton, co-founder of the museum

You can enter and […] see the works presented in large format, in a way that reminds you of an exhibition in a traditional museumhe explains.

Even though the digital work may be copied, the JNF itself still remains the originalin the same way that there are countless reproductions of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, but that the original painting still hangs in the Louvre.

The advent of JNF

Virtually unknown just a year ago, the JNFs represent for many the new goose that lays the golden egg on the contemporary art market.

Wallets and wealthy collectors are rushing to acquire these virtual items, whose ownership is traceable through the same blockchain technology (blockchain) than that used for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

The JNFs have become essential lots for major auction houses, such as Christie’s, which sold a digital work by the artist Beeple for the record sum of 69.3 million US dollars (88 million Canadian dollars), in New York in March 2021.

This new fashion arouses concerns and the skepticism of many about its durability, but people who visit the Seattle museum do not have the feeling of having been victims of a mirage.

It’s a bit of a global phenomenon and we’re seeing it emerge. »

A quote from Cara, a museum visitor

Mr. Hamilton says he is very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​being able to witness JNF’s evolution on the artistic scene live.

It’s hard to say where this technology will take us, it’s really only in its infancyhe believes.

If someone tells you they’re an expert in JNF, they’re lying to you, because we’re all learning. [On est ensemble] at the very beginning of an experience that has only just begunhe says.

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