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A Polish video game studio will donate its profits to the Red Cross in Ukraine


In a statement posted on Twitter, 11 Bit said that “for the next seven days, all proceeds from This War of Mineall of its downloadable content, across all stores and platforms, will go to a special fund.”

In a week, this money will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross to directly support the victims of the war in Ukrainecan we read next in the message.

Released in 2014, This War of Mine is inspired by the siege of Sarajevo, one of the deadliest episodes of the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. This conflict, which took place in the 1990s, is the last battlefield that Europe has known until today.

Proximity to Poland

The war launched by Russia is affecting the Polish people closely, who share 535 kilometers of border with Ukraine.

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Poland will shortly open nine reception centers for refugees, anticipating a wave of people who will want to flee Russian aggression, according to what the Interior Ministry announced on Thursday.

According to estimates provided by the United States Department of Defense, this war could cost the lives of 50,000 people in Ukraine and force 5 million to seek refuge in neighboring countries.

In its press release, 11 Bit calls for unity, saying it hopes that the gaming community can do everything in its power to help the victims of the war in Ukraine.

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