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A resurgence of hand-foot-mouth disease in Ontario, experts say


This virus most often manifests in young children, especially preschoolers and school-aged children, explains Dr. Dina Kulik, pediatrician and founder of Kidcrew Medical in Toronto. But I’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of older children who have it now, and their parents too.

This age gap is unusual, she said.

She also notices that the disease occurs at the same time, or sometimes after, a COVID-19 infection in a family.

According to her, it is possible that it is a COVID-19 post-viral symptom or a new strain of disease.

Local hospitals are also facing this increase.

Dr. Kyle Vojdani, chief and medical director of the emergency department at Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto, said in a written statement that the hospital sees an increase in hand-foot-mouth disease in children right now, in addition to other illnesses.

According to Health Canada, the disease is often mild and those affected recover in 7 to 10 days.

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Rise in other viral illnesses too

Experts are also noting unprecedented levels of other illnesses for the summer months.

It’s like the viral season of winter is happening right now in July this summer says doctor Dan Flanders, pediatrician and founder ofKindercare in Toronto.

He also says he does not remember a time when his clinic received so many cases of viral illnesses at this time of year.

There are probably hundreds of respiratory viruses and gastrointestinal viruses spreading across the provincehe argues.

According to him, the lifting of public health measures used to prevent COVID-19 was essentially an invitation for all those seasonal viruses to come and take over.

With information from CBC’s Clara Pasieka

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