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A second witness confirms the role of Ghislaine Maxwell with Jeffrey Epstein


17 years old at the time of the facts, i.e. above the legal age of consent, in the case of Kate, authorized to testify under a pseudonym, could not be used to convict Ghislaine Maxwell, judge Alison Nathan told jurors. She was, however, one of the four victims cited by prosecutors in the indictment.

Like the first victim who recounted last week the sexual abuse of Jeffrey Epstein when she was only 14 years old, this witness confirmed the role played by the defendant, tried for having recruited from 1994 to 2004 of underage girls in order to make them available to the American financier who died in prison in 2019.

Crimes she refutes and for which the daughter of media mogul Robert Maxwell and former figure of the international jet set pleads not guilty in federal court in Manhattan.

It was a former boyfriend who had introduced Kate to Ghislaine Maxwell, in Paris, around 1994, she recalled.

At the time, Kate lives in London with her sick mother and dreams of a career in the performing arts.

She was sophisticated and very elegant … she was very impressive (…), I thought I had found someone who could be very important to me, she explained.

The two women meet again in London and Ghislaine Maxwell talks about her friend whom she describes as a philanthropist, someone who likes to help young people.

years old, I was alone, I didn’t have a group of friends “,” text “:” She promised me that he would appreciate me a lot (…) I was 17 years old, I was alone , I didn’t have a group of friends “}}”>She promised me that he would appreciate me very much (…) I was 17, I was alone, I had no group of friends, added Kate.

Ghislaine Maxwell seemed to know everyone

Sketch by Ghislaine Maxwell, in the courtroom.

Ghislaine Maxwell listens to testimony during her trial.

Photo: Reuters / JANE ROSENBERG

A few weeks later, Ghislaine Maxwell invited him to her London residence to meet Mr. Epstein. She asks him to give the businessman a first foot and shoulder massage.

Then, a few weeks later again, a new invitation. This time, Jeffrey Epstein undresses in a dark room, where there is a massage table, before Ghislaine Maxwell leaves the room and closes the door. According to Kate, the massage turned into a sexual act.

I didn’t know how to refuse, the witness told jurors, saying that she continued to see the couple at Epstein’s residences in Palm Beach (Florida), New York or in the Caribbean. I didn’t want to admit what was happening to me (…) I was afraid to leave because I knew how much they had connections, added Kate.

Ghislaine Maxwell seemed to know everyone (…) She told me that she had Prince Andrew and Donald Trump for friends, she continued.

According to Kate, the accused asked her if she did not know other girls. You see what he likes, pretty and young like you, she would have told him. In Jeffrey Epstein’s residences, she had crossed paths with other girls, including one really looked a lot younger than me.

Seeming to want to pull the rug out from under the defense, the prosecution questioned Kate addiction to alcohol, cocaine and sleeping pills, to which she replied that she had not taken since May 2003.

The memories I have of important events in my life have not changed, she replied.

She also said she received $ 3.25 million from Epstein fund, an official mechanism of reparation drawn from the fortune of the multimillionaire after his death.

His defense cross-examination began Monday afternoon.

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