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A stamp shows a Ukrainian soldier giving the middle finger to Moskva is all the rage | War in Ukraine


At the Central Post Office in Kyiv, hundreds of Ukrainians of all ages lined up for several hours to get the first rectangular stamp that was to be printed in one million copies.

It’s a new stage of the war, that of victoryhe assures.

On the first day of the conflict, in a radio exchange that went viral, Ukrainian border guards on the small island of snakes launched kiss my ass to the Russian ship asking him to surrender.

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The recording of this exchange had toured the world and served as a leitmotiv for the Ukrainian resistance, even appearing on placards during demonstrations of support abroad and now on stamps.

La Poste had launched a competition in early March to illustrate the episode.

After more than 500 submissions, the illustration by Lviv cartoonist Boris Groh, showing a Ukrainian soldier from behind on yellow sand giving the finger of the Russian ship on a blue background, was selected.

When we designed the stamp, we did not know the outcome of this episode, but we are delightedcommented to theFrance Media Agency Igor Smelyansky, Director General of Ukrainian Post.

The Ukrainian general staff got involved, rectifying the uniform to more realism.

The stamp was already out of stock on Friday afternoon in Kyiv, journalists from theFrance Media Agency.

We will do better on Monday, we wanted to print more, but the bombing last night in kyiv disrupted the operation of the factory and we could not print the planned quantityjustified the director general of the postal services.

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