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Abortion: Kansas citizens have voted, an important test for the United States


The voters of Kansas, mostly Republicans, must say whether or not the Constitution of this Midwestern state must be amended to remove the guarantee of the right to abortion.

If yes, the local parliament will be able to legislate on abortion, or even ban it even in cases of rape, incest or even when the health of the pregnant woman is at stake.

Helena Buchmann, communications manager for the Kansas Senate Democrats, is confident that voters will reject the proposal, she said on TurnedNews.com.

Turnout for the Kansas referendum is expected to be high, according to election agent Marsha Barrett, who said 250 voters had turned up at the Olathe polling station as of noon – the same number as on one day during a presidential.

People are determined to vote. »

A quote from Marsha Barrett, Elections Officer

Those in favor of change, supporters of yessay it would allow lawmakers to regulate the‘abortion without interference from the judiciary. Countryside Value Them Both (They are both important), reference to the woman and the fetus – assures that the prohibition of abortion is not its objective.

But in the camp opposite, that of Nopeactivists see the amendment to the state constitution as a thinly veiled attempt to pave the way for a clear cut ban by the Republican-dominated local legislature.

Morgan Spoor, 19, votes for the first time and wants to promote the right to choose. I really want to make my voice heard, especially as a woman. I don’t think anyone can say what a woman can do with her body.she told theAFP.

On the contrary, Sylvia Brantley, 60, said yes to the amendment because she thinks that babies matter too. She explained that she wants more regulations, so that Kansas is not a place where babies are killed.

An important first test

The Kansas referendum is an important test for both anti-abortion and pro-choice activists, as it will gauge the mobilization of supporters of both options.

Many conservative states have also mobilized following the Supreme Court’s decision. A dozen of them have already banned abortions, including Missouri and Oklahoma, neighboring states of Kansas that generate anxiety for supporters of the “no”.

Other states, including California and Kentucky, are due to vote on the issue in November, coinciding with midterm congressional elections in which Republicans and Democrats hope to rally their supporters around abortion.

In Kansas itself, a local conservative elected official introduced a bill this year that would ban abortion without exception for rape, incest or to protect the life of the mother. Currently, abortion is legal in Kansas up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. Parental authorization is required for minors.

Polling stations are now closed. The “no” side was leading at the time of this writing. (New window)Tuesday evening.

Complaint against the State of Idaho

Democratic President Joe Biden had promised to do everything possible to defend access to Abortion following the Supreme Court’s decision. Now he takes action. Attorney General Merrick Garland filed a lawsuit Tuesday against an Idaho law that bans virtually all abortions.

A man speaks during a press conference.

Merrick Garland

Photo: dpa via getty images / Mandel Ngan

Idaho, a rural and conservative state in the American West, was among the first to adopt a new law, supposed to take effect on August 25, which authorizes abortions only to save the life of a pregnant woman. .

Mr. Garland asked the court to block it, arguing that it violates a federal law on medical emergencies since it does not provide for an exception in the event of serious health hazard of the pregnant woman and authorizes lawsuits against doctors.

According to information from TurnedNews.com and Agence France-Presse

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