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Abortion now banned in Mississippi


Radiant or angry, defenders and opponents of the right to abortion clashed in front of the establishment Jackson Women’s Health Organizationat the heart of the Supreme Court’s decision to revoke the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy (Abortion).

Nicknamed the pink house because of the color of its walls, the establishment performed its last abortions on Wednesday and received its last patients on Thursday for follow-up consultations.

Holding up large posters calling for love God with all your heart, soul, strength and minddozens of opponents of theAbortion welcomed them with prayers and music.

Opposite, abortion rights advocates responded with placards referring to the high maternal mortality rate in the state: Why are you more interested in hypothetical lives than in real ones? Where Abortion is medical care.

Dr. Cheryl Hamlin, one of the doctors who worked at the clinic until then, violently attacked opponents of abortion, accusing them of not respect women’s rights.

La Maison rose was for years the only clinic to practice Abortion in this conservative and very religious southern state.

As such, she had taken legal action when local legislators passed a law reducing the legal time limits for abortion.

The file had reached the Supreme Court which, on June 24, took the opportunity to bury its historic judgment Roe c. Wade of 1973 guaranteeing the right of women to terminate their pregnancy.

Moving to New Mexico

Anticipating this decision, 13 states had passed laws to automatically ban Abortion on their ground.

This law, among other laws zombie Where triggers, went into effect Thursday in Mississippi. Adopted in 2007, it provides for 10-year prison sentences for violations.

Diane Derzis, owner of the Pink House, now plans to move to Las Cruces, New Mexico.

At the moment it is a very receptive state where we are welcomeshe explained to public radio NPR.

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Other clinics are also moving to that state or to Illinois, but I’m not sure there will be enough establishments to accommodate all the women of the South who will soon be deprived of access toAbortionshe added.

Currently, seven US states have a total ban on Abortion. Legal battles are delaying the deadline in Louisiana in particular, but, in the long term, access to abortion should disappear in half of the country.

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