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Accusations of rape of a Canadian tourist: two French police officers acquitted


Three years after their sentencing in Paris to seven years in prison, Antoine Quirin, 43, and Nicolas Redouane, 52, were declared innocent of the rape of Emily Spanton, 42, and emerged free from the Créteil courthouse , near Paris, where they had been on trial for three weeks.

The news was greeted with applause from the relatives of the two defendants, while the plaintiff left the court in tears.

The prosecution had requested confirmation of the sentences pronounced at first instance. But the Assize Court did not follow it, motivating its decision by the many uncertainties, inaccuracieseven several lies of the complainant.

It was a very hard fight, a very trying audience. It was difficult in the current context to get the message across that when you make accusations, they have to be established and substantiated.reacted to AFP Me Pascal Garbarini, one of Mr. Redouane’s lawyers.

What played a huge role, I think, in the decision was the inconsistency of Ms. Spanton, who filed a civil action and, at the same time, refused to give explanations on the facts she denounces. »

A quote from Me Pascal Garbarini, one of Mr. Redouane’s lawyers

I am absolutely satisfied with the result, after eight years of hell, my client is finally relievedsaid Anne-Laure Compoint, one of Mr. Quirin’s lawyers.

A man walks surrounded by two female lawyers.

Antoine Quirin photographed at the courthouse on January 14, 2019.

Photo: Getty Images / ERIC FEFERBERG

Back to the case

On Wednesday, the public prosecutor had requested a seven-year prison sentence against these two former agents of the prestigious BRI (Research and Intervention Brigade) who had not ceased to proclaim their innocence since the start of the case.

During the evening of April 22, 2014, Emily Spanton met several BRI police officers in an Irish pub located opposite their premises at the time, 36 quai des Orfèvres in Paris.

While the atmosphere is flirtatious, the agents offer a visit to their premises to Mrs. Spanton, very alcoholic that evening. She comes out of it in a state of shock, denouncing a gang rape.

The tourist affirms that the defendants would have forced her to drink a glass of whiskey and would have imposed oral sex and vaginal penetrations on her.

Consensual reports, say the police

The two men recognize them consented reports – a blowjob and a digital penetration.

During their first auditions, they had not mentioned these sexual relations. For fear of the media fallout from the case on their private lives, they explained.

When they were in the pub they didn’t want to rape Emily Spantonhad estimated the Advocate General Christophe Auger during his indictment. They thought they could have consensual sex with her. But she doesn’t want to. So we serve him a glass of whiskey to force his consent. And it happens what happens.

However, in its statement of reasons, the court reproached the plaintiff for having sometimes added or subtracted elements to the scene described and argued that she may have wish to carry conviction by forcing the line.

Emily Spanton, who was pleasant, alcoholic and seemed seduced by Nicolas Redouanealso wrote the court, did not Explain how the latter, after an evening of flirtation, would have forced the opening of his mouth and took out his penis, while one can suppose these brutal and striking gestures.

End of a long legal saga

Thursday, during their pleadings, the defense lawyers had asked for the acquittal for their clients, questioning the credibility of Emily Spanton and designating statements scalable and lies on his part.

Doubt benefits the accused, it is the application of the criminal lawreacted to AFP Me Mario Stasi, one of the lawyers for the civil party.

This decision probably marks the end of a long legal epic. The two police officers had first benefited from a dismissal, before being sent back to the assizes in Paris where they had been sentenced in 2019.

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