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Accused of threat against Trump, Pascale Ferrier deprived of her resources


Judge Dabney L. Friedrich, of the Federal Court in Washington, on Friday rejected a petition from Pascale Ferrier for the recovery of this sum seized during her arrest at the American border in September 2020.

In a virtual court appearance, attorneys for Ms Ferrier, who is being held in a Washington jail, argued their client needed money to buy items like shampoo, underwear and clothes. extra food, as well as calling family in Canada.

Money as proof

But the judge agreed with a federal prosecutor, who argued that the money was evidence that could be presented in court.

Prosecutor Michael Friedman also argued that a sealed document regarding the accused’s actions after her arrest suggests that handing over the money could pose a risk to public safety.

Mr. Friedman also asked the court to order Ms. Ferrier to undergo a 30-day psychiatric evaluation, a request to which the defense opposed. Judge Friedrich did not rule on the request on Friday, asking the prosecutor to provide more information on the duration of the assessment.

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Poison in an envelope

Pascale Ferrier, 53, from Longueuil, was arrested by US customs officials in September 2020 at the Peace Bridge border crossing, the bridge that connects Fort Erie, Ontario, and Buffalo, New York.

US authorities say she had a loaded semi-automatic handgun and nearly 300 rounds in her vehicle at the time.

She is notably accused of threatening to kill or injure President Trump by sending the White House a letter containing ricin, according to US federal prosecutors.

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