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Across the world, solidarity with Ukraine is demonstrated in the streets | War in Ukraine


In Strasbourg, headquarters of the Council of Europe in eastern France, 3,100 people according to the prefecture gathered with Ukrainian flags and placards proclaiming Putin Killer (Killer Putin) Where Stop the war.

Putin and all his clique will have to pay the price for this aggression and will have to face an international courtlaunched to the crowd Borys Tarasyuk, permanent representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe.

  The Israelis support the Ukrainians against Russia.

A demonstration in Tel Aviv in support of Ukraine

Photo: Reuters/RONEN ZVULUN

Several thousand people also gathered across Switzerland on Saturday, including a thousand, according to the police, in Geneva, opposite the United Nations’ main headquarters in Europe, in support of Ukraine which is facing a Russian invasion, calling for strong measures against Moscow.

Other demonstrations took place in London, Paris, Tel Aviv and Rome.

  Demonstrators with Ukraine sympathy posters.

Thousands of Londoners gathered near Downing Street in support of the Ukrainian people.

Photo: Getty Images/Jeff J Mitchell

Late Saturday morning in the center of the Italian capital, a rally at the call of trade unions and associations brought together more than a thousand people, sometimes with families, around a podium decorated with the registration : Against war. The demonstrators held up signs: Make love Not War and We want peace

Already the night before, a torchlight march to the Colosseum had mobilized thousands of people in Rome.

Putin, assassin!, Ban Russia from SWIFT, the international system of interbank exchanges, one could read on banners. Placards showed Russian President Vladimir Putin with a bloodstained hand on his face, or comparing him to Hitler with the words: Can you recognize history when it repeats itself?.

A poster depicting V. Putin as Hitler against a background of the Ukrainian flag.

Ukrainians in Pretoria, South Africa demonstrated against the invasion.


Down with Putlercould be read on placards brandished in the crowd estimated at 3,000 people by the police on Saturday in Vienna, Austria, among which Ukrainian speakers on the verge of tears, while hundreds of people also demonstrated in Linz and Graz.

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Several thousand people also gathered on Saturday at midday in Helsinki, according to Finnish police. Russia out, down with Putinshouted protesters in this neighboring country of Russia.

Protesters at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Berliners denounce Russian intervention in Ukraine.


Nearly a thousand people demonstrated in Barcelona, ​​according to an estimate by the municipal police.

Today it is in Ukraine, but tomorrow it may be in other countries. We are in contact with our parents every day, because we don’t know what can happen to our family.worried Irina Imalova, 43-year-old Ukrainian and restaurateur in Catalonia.

In London, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Russian Embassy and the offices of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, waving Ukrainian flags.

A crowd in New York protests against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets to show their anger and support for Ukrainians.

Photo: Getty Images/Alexi J. Rosenfeld

It was in Georgia, the former Soviet republic of the Caucasus, that the mobilization was particularly important on Friday evening: nearly 30,000 people marched in Tbilisi, waving Ukrainian and Georgian flags and singing the anthems of the two countries.

The war, which according to Kiev has already killed at least 198 civilians, has caused a feeling of deja vu in this country, which was also the victim of a devastating Russian invasion in 2008.

We have compassion for the Ukrainians, perhaps more than other countries, because we have experienced the barbaric aggression of Russia on our soilNiko Tvauri, a 32-year-old taxi driver, told AFP.

The whole world must resist Putin, who wants to restore the Soviet Union. Ukraine is bleeding, the world is watching and talking about sanctions that cannot stop Putin. »

A quote from Meri Tordia, a French teacher

In Athens on Friday evening, in front of the Russian Embassy, ​​more than 2,000 people gathered at the call of the Greek Communist Party and the radical left party Syriza.

  Hundreds of people wave a red flag next to a blocked avenue of cars.

In Athens, members of the Greek Communist Party protest against the Russian invasion.

Photo: Reuters / LOUIZA VRADI

Traditionally pro-Russian, these parties denounced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and an imperialist war against a people.

These demonstrations of solidarity are not confined to Europe: in Montreal, Quebec, dozens of people braved a snowstorm Friday afternoon to protest under the windows of the Russian Consulate General.

In Argentina, nearly 2,000 people, including Ukrainian immigrants and Argentines of Ukrainian descent, demonstrated in Buenos Aires on Friday, demanding in front of the Russian embassy unconditional withdrawal troops of the murderer Putin.

Turks angry at Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Demonstration in Istanbul in Turkey, denouncing the Russian invasion.

Photo: Reuters / MURAD SEZER

Wearing a Ukrainian flag, wearing traditional costumes, carrying signs in Spanish, Ukrainian or English saying Stop the war Where Putin, get your hands off Ukrainethe demonstrators chanted slogans in Ukrainian, such as Glory to Ukraine, glory to its heroes and sang Ukrainian and Argentine anthems.

: the last thing I imagined was that the Russians were going to come and kill my people”,”text”:”Russians and Ukrainians have a lot in common. So my main feeling is anger: the last thing I imagined was that the Russians were going to come and kill my people”}}”>Russians and Ukrainians have a lot in common. So my main feeling is anger: the last thing I imagined was that the Russians were going to come and kill my peopledeclared on the verge of tears to AFP Tetiana Abramchenko, 40, who arrived with her daughter in Argentina in 2014, after the Russian annexation of Crimea.

Tokyo, Taipei, Curitiba (Brazil), New York and Washington have also been the scene of protests.

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