Home LATEST NEWS Adulterated cocaine kills at least 23 people in Argentina

Adulterated cocaine kills at least 23 people in Argentina


Twenty men and three women, aged 21 to 58, have died since the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, after consuming doses obtained from a known outlet in8″,”text”:”Puerta8″}}’>Puerto 8an urban extension resembling a slum, in the popular suburb of Loma Hermosa, about 40 km from the center of the Argentine capital.

Most of the victims died far from the point of sale, 12 of them at home, before they could be hospitalized, either because they were alone or because of the overwhelming effects – vascular, cardiac in particular – adulterated drugs. Two others died on the public highway.

Police in the Villa Sarmiento shantytown in Buenos Aires.

Riot police during an operation in the Villa Sarmiento slum in Buenos Aires, where it is believed people may have purchased contaminated cocaine.

Photo: Associated Press/Rodrigo Abd

Of the 37 other people hospitalized in seven separate establishments, two remained intubated, according to the report of the government of the province of Buenos Aires communicated to theFrance Media Agency.

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Thirteen people in total, arrested during various police operations since the start of the crisis, were to be heard by magistrates as part of the investigation into the origin of the murderous cocaine, indicated judicial sources quoted by the agency. Argentinian public Telam.

Among them is a known leader of a local drug trafficking network in the northwest of greater Buenos Aires, a 33-year-old man nicknamed El paisa (The peasant). But, at this stage, a proven link of the suspect to killer cocaine has not been confirmed.

The substance with which the drug was cut has not yet been identified in the laboratory, but authorities have said indirectly safe that it would be an opiate derivative.

More than 200 consultations have taken place since the night of Tuesday to Wednesday for people who have used adulterated cocaine, who presented symptoms of varying degrees of severity.

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Among them are three people discharged from hospital after poisoning [et qui] had again [été hospitalisées] Thursday, because they started to consume againexplained to journalists, Thursday, the provincial Minister of Health, Nicolas Kreplak.

More than 20,000 doses of cocaine have been recovered during various police operations since the intoxication, without the proportion of them being contaminated being established. But several of these doses, in a small pink nylon package, looked the same, according to the prosecution.

Massive intoxication has cruelly brought to light the strong presence of cocaine, including at low prices and of dubious quality, even in the most disadvantaged sectors of greater Buenos Aires. According to provincial security minister Sergio Berni, at least 250,000 doses, according to a modest estimate, are sold there every day.

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