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Afghanistan: Boy stuck in well dies after being rescued


The child, named Haidar, left us forevertweeted Anas Haqqani, senior adviser to the Ministry of the Interior. It’s a new day of mourning and sorrow for our country..

Haidar is no longer with usconfirmed, also on Twitter, Abdullah Azzam, secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister, Abdul Ghani Baradar.

The child was buried the same day, his small grave surmounted by a mound of gravel and marked with a ribbon of white cloth.

Rescuers had reached the child on Friday morning, who had slipped to the bottom of this earthen pit in the village of Shokak, located in Zabul province, about 400 km southwest of the capital, Kabul.

He was still alive and was breathing when they arrived at his side, said Zabiullah Jawhar, the Zabul police spokesman.

The medical team gave him oxygen. But when she tried to take him to the helicopter, he lost his life. »

A quote from Zabiullah Jawhar, Zabul Police Spokesperson

The accident was reminiscent of that in early February in Morocco of little Rayan, 5, who fell to the bottom of a dry well and was found lifeless after five days of relentless efforts by rescuers.

The drama had caused considerable emotion, amplified by social networks, in Morocco and around the world.

Haidar’s grandfather, Haji Abdul Hadi, 50, said the child fell into the cavity trying to to help adults drill a new well in this drought-ravaged village.

According to official sources, the child slipped into this 25m deep hole, before being pulled with the help of a rope to a depth of about ten meters, where he found himself stuck .

Rescuers opened a large oblique trench in the earth with diggers to access where he was stuck. But, forced to proceed with caution when approaching the shaft to prevent it from collapsing, they were then slowed in their efforts by the rocky terrain.

Relief operations were overseen by Taliban government envoys, under the curious eyes of hundreds of residents, many of whom belonged to the child’s family.

Dozens of people are gathered near the well.

Many curious people observed the rescuers trying to reach the little Haidar, who had fallen into a dry well.

Photo: afp via getty images / Javed Tanveer

Praising the merits of the new Taliban regime

The Taliban ensured that the best possible clearing equipment was made available to rescuers, as well as one of the few helicopters available to evacuate Haidar in an emergency.

Some Taliban officials have posted videos of the relief operations and praised the new regime – fiercely criticized for violating human rights – as proof that it spares no effort to best serve every citizen.

Our prayers were not enough, but it united everyone and we showed everyone that all Afghan lives are precioustweeted a Taliban official.

Videos posted Thursday on social media showed the boy dressed in a blue sweater, sitting stuck in the well, shoulders against the wall, and could visibly move his arms and upper body slightly.

There was also a lamp suspended in front of the child, which lit up the bottom of the well. These images had been obtained by a camera lowered with a wire.

In one of the videos, the child could be heard crying and moaning, and in another talking with his father, in a more distant voice.

Haidar, talk to me, we’re trying to get you out. Are you okay my son? Talk with me and don’t cry, we’re working to get you outsaid the father.

Alright I’ll keep talkingreplied the boy in a small plaintive voice.

A large rock hampered the final approach of the rescuers, forcing them to use pickaxes to avoid shaking the ground too much and wasting precious time.

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