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After shortages, China to increase coal consumption


The country suffered last summer the full brunt of the soaring global cost of raw materials, in particular coal, on which China depends 60% to supply its power plants.

This has forced power plants to idle, despite strong demand, and led to power rationing, which has driven up production costs for businesses.

The situation has since stabilized.

Energy security must, however, be preservedwarned the Chinese premier on Tuesday, quoted by the official press agency new china.

Coal supply will be increased and coal-fired power plants will be helped to operate at maximum capacity to generate more electricitysaid Li Keqiang, according to the minutes of a meeting devoted to the economic situation.

No quantified target was given.

To ease the pressure, the authorities had already authorized the reopening of coal mines in recent months.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has promised to start reducing his country’s carbon emissions by 2030.

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China is the country in the world that invests the most in clean energy. But the Asian giant remains both the world’s leading coal producer and the world’s leading polluter.

According to official figures, coal consumption in China increased again last year (+4.7% over one year).

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