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After the United States, the two daughters of Vladimir Putin are sanctioned by the EU | War in Ukraine


The Europeans sanctioned the two daughters of Vladimir Putin, now on the blacklist of the European Union, on Friday, along with more than 200 other people, including several oligarchs close to the Russian president and pro-Kremlin press bosses.

Already targeted by Washington and London, Maria Vorontsova and Katerina Tikhonova, born in 1985 and 1986 respectively, are the daughters of Vladimir Putin and Lioudmila Putina, from whom the Russian president announced that he had divorced in 2013.

Like the 217 individuals and 18 entities added to this list published in the EU’s official journal, they are banned from entering the EU and their assets are frozen there.

The eldest, Maria Vorontsova, is being targeted for her role in Nomenko, a major healthcare investment project company that provides substantial sources of income to the Russian government, specifies the official newspaper.

His sister, Katerina Tikhonova, runs a support fund for young scientists created by companies whose leaders are members of the inner circle of oligarchs of the Russian president, according to the same source.

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This fifth salvo of sanctions also imposes economic measures, in particular an embargo on Russian coal from August and the closure of European ports to ships flying the Russian flag.

Coal purchases by the EU represent an amount of 8 billion euros per year, a sum much lower than the purchases of gas and oil.

The new sanctions were decided after the discovery of dozens of dead civilians last weekend in Boutcha, near kyiv, after the withdrawal of Russian forces. The images sparked global shockwaves and accusations of war crimes against Moscow.

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