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AI-created rapper signs with major record label


In a statement released last week, Capitol Records described FN Meka as a3″,”text”:”artist, influencer and Web3 creation”}}”>artist, an influencer and a creation of Web 3. FN Meka blurs the line between humans and computerscan we read.

The musician, who appears as a green-haired cyborg, took the opportunity to release Florida Watera song featuring rapper Gunna and instavideographer (stream) Clix. The musical track was produced by Turbo, known for his collaborations with Travis Scott, Young Thug and Lil Baby.

FN Meka’s algorithms generated the song’s lyrics and influenced its score, according to Factory New, the company that created the character. The avatar therefore signs the texts of Florida Watertalking about Tesla, Gucci, a Rolex watch presidentialand, of course, Florida water.

However, FN Meka does not yet have the ability to sing. It is therefore a person whose identity has not been revealed who sings his words.

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The influence of avatars on the web

In an interview with the specialized website Music Business Worldwide published last year, Factory New explained analyzing the most popular social networks, video games and songs with the ambition of creating viral content.

FN Meka is part of the community of virtual influencers, these characters often modeled in 3D who are very active on social networks. We can see them having a coffee, posing with fans and famous personalities, or even doing product placement for major brands in our news feeds.

Rapper FN Meka, who was established in 2019, has collaborated with Apple Music and Prime Video, among others. He also released the songs Moonwalkin, Speed ​​Demon and Internet.

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