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AIDS, an ever-present disease


The AIDS2022 conference opens today in Montreal. On this occasion, the director of the AIDS and infectious diseases FRQ-S network and co-chair of the AIDS2022 conference, Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy, wishes to recall that the HIV situation remains a concern here in Canada, but also elsewhere in the world.

HIV has greatly affected a generation, but since the disease is now treatable, people are taking fewer precautions, he said.

young people catch [le VIH], but also adults, who, after years, tell themselves that they will not catch it. The risk is always there when people have unprotected sex. »

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Jean-Pierre Routy

AIDS research has suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the lack of testing has caused an increase in infections, according to the doctor.

Eradicating HIV remains a possibility, according to Dr Routy, and the World Health Organization’s goal is for the 2030s. But “every war, every economic crisis, every pandemic slows down this project”, laments Dr Routy.

But countries like Botswana are showing some leadership and showing that more can be done to detect and treat the disease, he points out.

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