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Airbnb is rolling out a tool to exclude rentals for parties


The company has introduced technology that examines the history of the person who wants to rent a property on its platform, the distance where they live from the rental house, if this person rents the place on a weekday or for a weekend, and other factors.

This filtering system, which it is rolling out for ads in the United States and Canada, has been tested since October 2021 in parts of Australia, where it has led to a 35% drop in unauthorized parties.

The San Francisco company clarified that this technology is designed to prevent reservation requests that do not respect its rules from reaching the owners of the premises. Airbnb pointed out that people who are restricted from renting an entire home might be able to book a room because a host or hostess is more likely to be on site.

Airbnb has come under increasing pressure to crack down on parties since 2019, when a San Francisco-area Halloween party ended in the deaths of five people in a shooting.

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The following year, Airbnb announced that parties at properties advertised around the world on its site were banned. It also banned people under 25 from renting an entire house near their home unless they had a record of positive reviews on the site.

The party ban was initially touted as a temporary health measure during the pandemic, but it was made permanent in June.

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