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Airbnb will increase fines for owners who cancel reservations


This new measure will come into effect on August 22.

In a press release, Airbnb indicates that this measure aims to deter owners from canceling reservations at the last minute. for avoidable reasons, such as an accidental double booking, or to want to use the property to receive relatives.

These cancellations mean that customers lose trust in Airbnb, which affects other owners and the entire communityadds the company in the same press release.

An update to the current clause

Airbnb already has a penalty policy in case of cancellation of a reservation by an owner. Currently, if a reservation is canceled more than a week in advance, the penalty is 50 US dollars (64 Canadian dollars), and it is doubled if the reservation is canceled within a week of prior notice.

This structure does not adequately reflect the cost of relocating people to a similar or better location, often at the last minute. It also does not reflect the impact of an avoidable cancellation on customers, other owners and the business, including loss of customer confidence.explains Airbnb.

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Thus, as of August 22, the penalty for an avoidable last-minute cancellation will be calculated according to the cost of the reservation and the notice period. The minimum for this penalty will also be set at 50 US dollars (64 Canadian dollars), while the maximum will be 1000 US dollars (1287 Canadian dollars).

Airbnb adds that the same penalty will be applied if a person is unable to stay in a property due to a health risk or because the description of the place does not correspond to reality.

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