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All SNES game manuals digitized thanks to instavideographer Peebs


Peebs started this work eight years ago on the Twitch streaming platform. On it, he notably broadcasts his parts of video games published for the Super Nintendo console, using in particular the booklets provided with the titles. These manuals were veritable goldmines of essential gameplay information, especially in the pre-internet era.

I’m beating all SNES games and found that there really isn’t a good source for SNES manuals on the internet. »

A quote from peebs

With his live videos, he managed to mobilize his community of fans – 6700 people on Twitch – more particularly owners of rare games, to digitize the missing manuals.

He is also still looking for a final booklet to complete the collection: the PAL manual for the German version of Daze Before Christmas.

The entire collection of 174 manuals can be consulted on a website created for this purpose (New window)and on the Archives website.

Nintendo 64 game booklets and the Virtual Boy console, Nintendo’s virtual reality pioneer, are also available online.

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