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‘Almost Certain’ Omicron Is No More Serious Than Delta, Says Fauci | Coronavirus


It is “almost certain” that the Omicron variant does not cause more serious cases of COVID-19 than Delta, eminent scientist Anthony Fauci told AFP on Tuesday, adding that it would be necessary to wait another “two weeks at least To know if it turns out even less dangerous.

It is almost certain that it is not more serious than Delta, said the White House adviser on the health crisis. There are some signs that it might even be even less severe., he added in a telephone interview.

I think it will take another two weeks at least in South Africa and then when we have more infections in the rest of the world it might take us longer to see the level of severity real, he pointed out.

The data coming from South Africa should not be overinterpreted, he warned, the population of this country having the particularity of being very young.

But the new variant is anyway clearly highly transmissible, probably more than Delta, according to Dr. Fauci.

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