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Already more than 200,000 deliveries for Google drones


The lion’s share of deliveries was made in Australia, where a pilot project was launched just over two years ago.

Residents of Canberra, the country’s capital, can now order more than 250 grocery items by drone, as well as meals from several major fast-food chains.

Google says its service is growing in popularity in mainland Australia. The American giant estimates that it makes up to 1,000 deliveries there per day, or the equivalent of one delivery every 25 seconds.

Integrating drone delivery into daily life is not just a conveniencewrote google in a blog post.

This technology reduces traffic congestion, automobile accidents and greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing business sales and saving people travel time.

People living in Helsinki, Finland, and Christiansburg, USA also have access to Wing’s services.

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The company is actively seeking to establish itself in new North American cities.

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