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Amazon takes aim at Facebook groups for fake product reviews


According to the document filed Monday, Amazon intends to use this procedure to unmask the thugs, whose true identity is not public.

These are people linked to the creation, administration and moderation of discussion groups, often private, whose mission is to buy and sell fake reviews. Activities are funded by companies that sell products on Amazon.

The verified reviews on Amazona mark that the platform grants to reviews written by consumers who have actually purchased the product, are particularly sought after.

Internet users who agree to publish false reviews under their name receive compensation or reimbursement for their purchase, according to the court document consulted by Agence France-Presse (AFP).

To deceive the vigilance of Facebook moderators and artificial intelligence software, the leaders of these groups use truncated versions of words that could draw attention to their practices.

Amazon gives the example, among others, of a group that has counted up to 43,000 members.

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Facebook pitches in

Questioned by AFP, Facebook, which is not directly targeted by the procedure, indicated that it withdrew from the social network the majority of the groups mentioned in Amazon’s procedure.

Groups that solicit or encourage false reviews do so in violation of our policies and are removedsaid a spokeswoman for Meta.

We are working with Amazon on this and will continue to work with the industry to address the issue of fake reviews.she added.

A hunt far from over

Amazon said it intercepted more than 200 million fake reviews on its platform, but admits it hasn’t eradicated the problem because these practices are organized mainly on third-party sites.

Fake Reviews Threaten Amazon’s Reputation and Affect Consumer Trustargued the platform, which asks the heads of these Facebook groups to suspend their activities and claims damages from them, in an unspecified amount.

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