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An animated 1980s Super Mario movie restored in 4K


The news will delight fans of everything surrounding the world of the famous Italian plumber: the Japanese animated film Super Mario Bros.: Peach-Hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen!released in 1986, has been digitized in 4K resolution and posted online to watch for free.

Released only in the Japanese archipelago, this feature film is one of the first to have been adapted from a video game. English subtitles are available on YouTube and the Internet Archive (New window), where we can find the film, whose title could be translated as “Super Mario Bros. : the grand mission to save Princess Peach! “.

FemBoy Films, the fan community behind the restoration, says it has been working on it since 2021 from footage obtained by another fan in 2016. According to the team, the footage, which would have been used for small screenings in Japan, is among the last in the world. The soundtrack was taken from a VHS tape.

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The 1986 film is a kind of comedy adventure loosely adapted from the plot of the game Super Mario Bros., released on the NES console the previous year.

At the start of the film, Princess Peach escapes from a video game Mario was playing and crosses the screen into the real world, but is quickly captured by King Koopa (Bowser), who brings her back into the game, to the Mushroom kingdom. Mario and his brother, Luigi, will have to follow a funny dog ​​with a magic pendant to get to the imaginary kingdom and save the princess.

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