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An inhaled vaccine will be tested in Hamilton in 2022


Dr Fiona Smaill is Professor of Pathology and Molecular Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton and Principal Investigator for Clinical Trials. The novelty of our vaccine is that we administer it by inhaled aerosol, and therefore the immune response that is generated in the lungs, she told CBC News.

The portrait of Fiona Smaill in a laboratory.

Dr. Fiona Smaill is the Principal Investigator for the clinical trials.

Photo: courtesy of Georgia Kirkos

“Mucosal immunity” is, in our opinion, a very effective form of immunity against respiratory viruses such as [celui qui cause] COVID-19.

Health Canada recently gave the green light for clinical trials to begin.

We are more likely to have a broader immune response that will address some of the challenges posed by the variants of concern.

We are looking for healthy volunteers who have received two doses of a […] Pfizer or Moderna, said Dr. Smaill. Volunteers must be in good health and between the ages of 18 and 65.

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At least 30 volunteers

The researchers said they would look at how the immune response develops in the lungs and blood after the vaccination and watch for possible side effects.

Two weakened adenovirus strains are used as platforms for vaccines: one is made with human adenovirus, the other with chimpanzee adenovirus.

In their natural form, adenoviruses cause respiratory infections such as the common cold and, in rare cases, can cause a lung infection such as pneumonia. In their weakened form, they do not spread disease, but can be customized to serve as vehicles, or vectors, to elicit targeted immune responses., says the press release.

The research is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Dr Smaill said the team made enough doses of the vaccine to move into much larger clinical trials in case Phase 1 were to be successful.

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