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Android 13 is coming to Google’s Pixel phones starting today


First, Google wants to offer more customization options to Android phone owners.

Material Youa feature launched with Android 12 that allows you to adjust the colors of interfaces according to a chosen theme, will now be applied to the logos of all your applications, even those that were not created by Google.

A personalized Android 13 home screen with complementary colors and app icons to match the wallpaper.

Enlarge image (New window)

Application icons on the home screen may blend into the selected theme.

Photo: Google

Another novelty for polyglots: the language of use can be defined for each of the applications, rather than being linked to that chosen for the system.

In the settings, the Google Maps app language is opened on an unlocked Android 13 phone.  Español (Estados Unidos) is checked under “Suggested”.

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Owners of devices running the Android 13 system will be able to choose a different language from app to app.

Photo: Google

Google also promises more control over Bedtime mode, which adjusts screen colors and brightness based on the time of day or night.

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Keep control

Google is also announcing a series of measures to improve privacy protection. When an application asks you to share your media library with it, you can choose precisely the photos and videos you want to make accessible.

In addition, your phone will no longer be able to surprise you with unexpected notifications: applications will have to ask for your explicit permission in order to be able to send you alerts.

Google also wants to protect sensitive content that you copy. Your email address, phone number or passwords will be deleted from your clipboard after some time.

Link your devices

With Android 13, Google also wants to facilitate communication between the different devices running on its operating system.

If you use Google Message, Signal, WeChat or WhatsApp on your phone, you can also send and receive messages from a Chromebook.

It will also be possible to copy an element on a website from a phone, then paste it into a document using a tablet, and vice versa.

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Note also that Android 13 will offer two audio updates: spatial audio will be offered for users with compatible headphones or earphones, and Bluetooth functionality will operate with the Low Energy standard (low energy, in French), which allows in particular a better quality of sound.

The Android 13 update began rolling out to Pixel smartphones on Monday, and will roll out to other devices later this year, according to Google.

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