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Apple launches Android app to address AirTag concerns


AirTags are small round objects that serve as a cookie to help iPhone owners find their keys or even their wallet at home, for example. This type of device works with Bluetooth technology and was notably popularized by the Tile company.

When the application is running and it detects an AirTag separate from its or its owner near you, the software registers the tracker as unknown. If the object follows you for 10 minutes, Tracker Detect allows you to make it emit a sound in order to find it. Instructions are then displayed on the smartphone telling you how to deactivate it.

No need to have an Apple account to use this system on an Android phone, since the application does not require authentication. All trackers compatible with Apple’s Find My application, i.e. AirTags, but also others, such as the Chipolo One Spot, can be found with Tracker Detect.

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Apple followers already have a similar feature built into the iPhone, but owners of Android devices have had nothing to prevent espionage by these gadgets until now.

Apple is well aware of the abuses that its tracers can cause. As soon as they were launched, voices were raised to warn the public and Apple about the possibility that these small circular devices, about the size of a two dollar coin, could be misused, for example to track displacement of people without their consent.

Last June, the company updated its AirTags to play between 8 and 24 hours after being separated from their owner. When it was launched, it took three days for the device to signal their presence.

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