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Apple unveils its new OS interface


The main addition of the new interface concerns the lock screen of Apple phones, which can now be personalized according to the tastes of users. The font and color of the time displayed on the screen can be changed and it will be possible to add widgets that will transmit information without having to unlock the phone.

IOS 16 will also allow saving different lock screens as needed. For example, a person can have a specific lock screen for when they are at work and easily switch to a different screen when their day is done.

It is an extension of the functionalities of the Focus application, introduced in 2021, which makes it possible to optimize the various operations of the telephone according to a particular context such as work, relaxation or studies. This functionality will now be linked to messages, notifications and web tabs.

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Another important update related to IOS16 concerns messaging. It will now be possible to edit and delete text messages. This last option will also be available for emails.

Other updates related to the new interface affect various features and applications such as the Apple wallet, with which it will be possible to pay in several installments, as well as the GPS application, which will allow you to plan a route at several stops.

This interface will be available in a test version from July, before being officially launched in the fall, alongside the new interfaces for Apple Watch (WatchOS9), iPad (IPadOS16), and Mac (MacOS Ventura)

MacBook Air and Pro get a makeover

Along with the new interfaces, Apple also unveiled the next generation of chips in their Apple silicon series: the M2.

This new chip, which is intended to be significantly more efficient than the 2020 M1, will be integrated into the new MacBook Air and the new 13-inch MacBook Pro. The Air model, which will be available from next month, is particularly attracting attention due to its even thinner and lighter format than its predecessors.

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These new versions of Apple’s flagship computers will feature a better camera and better image resolution. This last option will allow video game enthusiasts to have access to a greater variety of titles, which will soon be available on these computers.

One of the new features of these computers will allow it to be synchronized with an iPhone camera during a videoconference, thus making it possible to combine the best screen and the best camera from Apple, according to the American giant.

WWDC will continue throughout the week with more announcements expected to follow in the coming days.

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