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Assault on Capitol Hill: Trump activist sentenced to 5 years in prison


Robert Scott Palmer, 54, was seen wearing an American flag jacket and cap Florida for Trump on the head, throwing boards, a fire extinguisher and other objects at the police near the Capitol.

The man was then attempting to enter the iconic building of American democracy, but was then pushed back by the pepper spray used by security, which did not prevent him from continuing his jets, until that he was hit by a rubber ball.

Federal Judge Tanya Chutkan has rejected his handwritten apology, in which he claims he was duped by the former president, whom he calls tyrannical.

I realized that we had been lied to.

A quote from Robert Scott Palmer, supporter of Donald Trump

But the prosecution stressed that after these convictions recorded in October, Robert Scott Palmer had defended his action that day and that the description of an online pot launched to support him blamed the violence on the police. .

Mr. Palmer knowingly joined a group of rioters with the specific intention of interfering in the national electoral process, recalled the prosecution in a document intended for the judges.

Mr. Palmer’s violence was intended to further his political goal: to sabotage a democratic election and the peaceful transition of power, added the prosecution.

January 6th [2021], thousands of supporters of Donald Trump rushed to Congress where they entered by force to prevent the American elected officials from certifying the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election.

So far, the heaviest sentence for these events had been 41 months in prison, just over three years for two men convicted of obstructing process.

More than 700 people are being prosecuted as a result of the attack, most of them for minor offenses, such as unauthorized entry into the Capitol.

But several dozen of them are also targeted by more serious prosecutions, accused in particular of assault, use of lethal weapon and criminal conspiracy.

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