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At Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial, jurors are struggling to find a verdict


Ms Maxwell, who turned 60 on Christmas Day, is spending the holiday season in a New York prison where she has been incarcerated since the summer of 2020, prosecuted among other things for providing Mr Epstein between the years 1994 and 2004 sexually exploited underage girls.

The trial in Manhattan federal court began on November 29 and the hearing ended a week ago. Since then, and after a break for Christmas, the 12 jurors cannot all agree on the guilt or the innocence of this elegant sexagenarian who grew up and evolved in hyper-privileged circles between Europe and the States -United.

Holding a triple British, French and American nationality, Ghislaine Maxwell risks a long prison sentence if she is found guilty of the six crimes with which she is charged, all in connection with sexual violence committed by Jeffrey Epstein on four victims, minors in at the material time, and who testified during the trial.

For their fourth day of closed-door deliberations, jurors on Monday morning called on Judge Alison Nathan to send them a whiteboard, highlighters and Post-it in different colors.

They also called for a precise legal definition of the offense. incitement to debauchery as well as the transcript of the testimony of a former boyfriend of one of the four accusers, known by the pseudonym of Jane.

A sophisticated predator, according to a prosecutor

Suspected of having surrounded himself for years with many young girls, to whom he asked for sexual massages, in his luxurious residences in Florida, New Mexico or in the US Virgin Islands, Jeffrey Epstein had committed suicide in a new prison. -Yorkaise in the summer of 2019. A death that caused a scandal, the influential financier taking away his secrets and depriving dozens of victims of a trial.

A year later, Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in the northeastern United States.

This international jet set regular, daughter of media mogul Robert Maxwell, who died in 1991, was portrayed by prosecutor Alison Moe in sophisticated predator and key figure in the system set up with Jeffrey Epstein, of which she was the partner in love and the right arm.

The man takes the woman by the neck.

Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly helped alleged sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein trap teenage girls.

Photo: Getty Images / Patrick McMullan

Concretely, the jury must say if Ghislaine Maxwell encouraged one of the victims, Jane, having sex with the multimillionaire from 1994 to 1997, aged 14 to 17. Or if she is guilty of sex trafficking against Carolyn, paid $ 300 per sexual massage and also a minor at the material time (2001-2004). Carolyn referred to the defendant as the one who made the dates and assured her that she had seen her naked and touched her chest in the Palm Beach villa.

For his part, Jane had recounted how the couple approached her and then put her at ease, promising to help this young girl from a disadvantaged family in Palm Beach.

On the contrary, the defense pleaded acquittal, assuring that there was no no proof that Ghislaine Maxwell recruited only one of the four victims to deliver it to Jeffrey Epstein and lambasted very bad and variable memory accusers about events more than 25 years old.

During their deliberations, the jurors also asked to have in hand the transcripts of several interrogations, including those of several victims.

Ghislaine Maxwell has pleaded not guilty.

Your Honor, the Crown did not provide evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, so I don’t need to testify., she said on December 17 for her only and very brief speech.

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