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At least 10 people killed in Buffalo shooting


A suspect has been arrested in connection with the events.

The police have still not provided an official report following this mass shooting, which could have caused other victims.

According to information collected by the Associated Press from police sources, the shooter entered the Tops supermarket with an automatic weapon before opening fire.

Witnesses said the shooter was wearing military-style clothing and a bulletproof vest.

Armed police stand behind a yellow cordon.

Law enforcement established a security perimeter to protect the crime scene.

Photo: Associated Press/Derek Gee

Braedyn Kephart and Shane Hill, both 20, were driving into the parking lot when the shooter was exiting the grocery store. They described him as a white male, in his late teens or early twenties. He wore a camouflage suit and a black military helmet.

They witnessed the arrest of the suspect, who knelt down, took off his helmet and dropped his weapon before being immobilized by the police.

Investigators believe the shooter may have videotaped the shooting and are investigating whether the content was posted online.

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like a horror movie

Upon arrival at the scene, officers found five bodies lying in the parking lot.

It’s like walking into a horror movie, but it’s all real. It’s like Armageddontestified a police officer, on condition of anonymity, to the daily The Buffalo News. “There are bullets and blood everywhere,” he added.

An investigator seen from behind.

The major crimes unit was dispatched to the scene to analyze the scene.

Photo: Associated Press/Joshua Bessex

One of those killed is a retired former city policeman, who worked as a security guard at the Tops grocery store.

Three other individuals were injured, two of them seriously, we also learned.

A grocery store manager, Shonnell Harris, said she ran through the store when the shots began to ring out. She fell several times before she managed to get outside.

On her way, she could see the shooter, a white man in camouflage. He looked like he was in the armytold The Buffalo News Mrs. Harris, who estimates that she heard about 70 gunshots.

The investigation is still in the preliminary stage and the shooter’s motive has not been clearly established.

The track of the racial motive is under study, since the targeted grocery store is located in a neighborhood where the residents are mainly of African-American origin.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul tweeted that she was monitoring the situation closely and that state officials had offered assistance to local authorities.

I’ve been following the situation with the grocery store shooting in Buffalo very closely. We stand with the people of Buffalotweeted New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

In March 2021, a shooting also broke out at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. Ten people had been killed.

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