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Australia to also do diplomatic boycott of Beijing Games


Australia will not go back on the strong stance it has taken to defend its interests, and it is obviously not surprising that we do not send Australian officials to these Games.said Scott Morrison.

Canberra’s decision comes against a backdrop of disagreement with China on a number of issues, including Australia’s foreign interference laws and the recent decision to acquire nuclear-powered submarines, Morrison said.

This decision, which does not prevent athletes from participating in the Games, comes the day after the United States announced its diplomatic boycott, in the name of the defense of human rights.

Mr Morrison also said human rights abuses in the Xinjiang region and Beijing’s reluctance to meet with Australian officials for discussions motivated the Australian decision.

The Chinese government has never agreed that we meet to discuss these issues, he said.

China reacted strongly on Tuesday to the Americans’ decision not to send diplomatic representatives to Beijing, saying the move is aimed at disrupt the games and is based on ideological prejudice, lies and rumors, will only expose to the eyes of all the malicious intentions of the United States.

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An upcoming announcement for Canada

The Canadian government has yet to confirm whether it will emulate Australia and the Americans.

Questioned Tuesday afternoon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau repeated the message offered since last week by his Minister of Sports. We are still thinking about our posture in relation to the Olympic (Games), he said.

The United States made their announcement; but we are looking at how to align with as many partners as possible, said the Prime Minister, in response to questions from journalists.

He promised an announcement in the coming weeks.

Bloc Québécois, Conservatives and New Democrats preach for Canada’s diplomatic absence from the Beijing Olympics to, among other things, protest against the treatment of Uyghurs by the Chinese government. The Bloc Québécois even tried to go further, proposing, without success, that the Commons adopt a motion that the Games be postponed for a year.

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