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Back in Uganda, Sergei Lavrov continues his African tour | War in Ukraine


Mr. Lavrov previously visited Egypt and Congo, where he wanted to reassure his partners after the agreement on secure corridors for grain exports from Ukraine and Russia, which should ward off the risk of insecurity food in Africa.

In Entebbe, Sergei Lavrov is welcomed by his Ugandan counterpart Jeje Odongo, spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote, posting a photo of the two foreign ministers on Telegram.

Entebbe, a town near Kampala, is home to the Ugandan capital’s international airport. According to the Russian news agency TASS, Lavrov was due to meet Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday.

Contacted on Monday byAFPthe Ugandan authorities were unable to provide further details on the program of this visit.

But on Sunday, the Ugandan government announced on its Twitter account the visit of two days of the head of Russian diplomacy.

President Yoweri Museveni, who last visited Russia in 2019, called for stronger bilateral relations, including in defense and security, economic and technical cooperationwrote the government.

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The agreement signed Friday in Istanbul between kyiv, Moscow and Turkey, under the aegis of theUNprovides in particular for the establishment of secure corridors to allow the circulation in the Black Sea of ​​merchant ships and the export of 20 to 25 million tonnes of cereals blocked in Ukraine.

The export of wheat, maize and sunflower from Ukraine was 90% by sea and for the most part through Odessa, the main Ukrainian port in the Black Sea. However, the Russian army bombarded the port of Odessa on Saturday, the day after the signing of the agreement.

Nothing appears in the commitments made by Russia, in particular within the framework of the agreements signed on July 22 in Istanbul, which would prohibit us from continuing the special military operation, by destroying military infrastructures. »

A quote from Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister

According to Mr. Lavrov, the Russian strikes only targeted military infrastructure, a significant distance from the grain terminal.

Good news for Africa

His Congolese counterpart Jean-Claude Gakosso greeted with this Russian-Ukrainian agreement some good news for Africa, recalling the neutrality of Congo-Brazzaville in this conflict.

We didn’t want to howl with the wolves or add fuel to the fire. With friendship and respect, we ask our friends (on both sides) to have a negotiated solution in this crisis. »

A quote from Jean-Claude Gakosso, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Congo

Ukraine strongly criticized Lavrov’s trip to Africa on Monday, denouncing the quintessence of Russian sadism by the voice of presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak.

You organize an artificial famine and then you come to comfort people. With one hand you sign the Istanbul initiative, with the other you attack the port of Odessahe said.

The Russian minister must then go to Ethiopia, the last stage of his African tour, the details of which are not yet known.

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