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Backpacks used to fight speeding


This technique, called “living radar,” involves having students wear a backpack with a digital panel that displays the speed at which cars are traveling in school zones after it has been picked up by a radar.

On Wednesday, two SPAL officers accompanied a student from Marie-Victorin elementary school in Brossard during an operation with one of these bags.

The police believe that this initiative can make motorists aware of speeding in school zones and encourage them to pay special attention to children.

In Quebec, for speeding in school zones, the Highway Safety Code provides for double fines as well as demerit points. These areas are indicated by road signs, and if there are none, it is determined to be Monday to Friday, September to June, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Thus, the fine for a person at fault driving in these areas can reach $310; the amount is determined according to the posted speed and the speeding observed. For excessive speeding, the penalties for excessive speeding apply.

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