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Be careful, your Fitbit Ionic smartwatch could cause you burns


Fitbit’s Ionic model, a smartwatch designed in particular to track sports activities, is being recalled by its manufacturer due to a “very limited” risk of the battery overheating, which can cause burns.

The model manufactured between 2017 and 2020 has sold nearly 2 million copies. Of these, 174 were reported to have overheated the watch battery, which runs on lithium-ion. People in the United States have reported second-degree (two people) and third-degree (four people) burns.

As of February 15, 2022, no incidents or injuries have been reported to the company in Canada or Mexico. In the United States, the company has received at least 115 reports of battery overheatingcan we read on the site of the recalls of the government of Canada.

The product has been off the market since 2020, which is when Google bought the company. Fitbit said it was taking this step out of an abundance of caution.

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To check if your smartwatch is affected by this recall, check the back of your smartwatch to see if the code FB503 is registered there.

Fitbit Ionic watch owners can get a refund for their device, regardless of usage, by visiting the recall siteHave (New window)Have.

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