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Big return for the cult series of adventure video games Monkey Island


I cannot guarantee that all the answers are in this game, or even that they will please the players.has fun saying the 58-year-old American during an interview.

I always wanted to come back to this universe and do a sequel. […] This feeling of unfinished destiny is a little our red thread and that of our herohe adds.

It is true that like the ghost pirate Lechuck, the main antagonist of the story, the video game series seems to come back from the dead.

When the first opus was released in 1990, it was a major critical success: players were seduced by its humor and its somewhat wacky world of piracy. The adventure progresses as you solve puzzles and puzzles, picking up and combining various objects, and ends on a strange Caribbean island populated by monkeys.

Launched by the LucasArts group, a video game subsidiary of the company of director Georges Lucas, this work has refined the formula of the computer adventure game.

It was a very innovative game at the timeemphasizes Patrick Hellio, author of The story of Point ‘n Click » : the graphic adventure game epicwho boasts of his compelling storytelling and all his hilarious nods to popular culture.

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An equally successful sequel was released the following year and left players with a suspense that has become memorable… and has never been ended since.

Soon after, Mr. Gilbert left LucasArts and the series continued without its creator. Other components have emerged, the last in 2009, but they have had more mixed success.

With the takeover of Lucasfilm by Disney in 2012, then the closure of LucasArts, Monkey Island disappeared from the video game landscape, as did the hope of fans to have a real end to this adventure.

An unexpected return that sows disbelief

When Mr. Gilbert announced, on April 1, that he was working on a new opus, there was great disbelief among the fans of the series.

In the greatest secrecy, and after six months of negotiations, his studio, Terrible Toybox, and the American publisher Devolver have reached an agreement with Disney to develop a new opus.

We’ve been waiting for this for years and the expectations are highrecognizes Mr. Hellio, adding that such a sequel, so long after, represents a unique case in video game history.

This pressure weighs on the shoulders of the small team of 25 people who designed the game for two years.

Inevitably, the memories of the players are tinged with nostalgiaexplains Dave Grossman, co-writer of the series who also worked on this episode, released Monday on computer and the Nintendo Switch console.

The secret of Monkey Island has become a myth on its own and it’s very hard to tackle this mythologynotes Mr. Gilbert.

We quickly said to ourselves that we would never be able to satisfy everyone, so we simply made the game that we were going to like. »

A quote from Ron Gilbert

If the graphic style of Return to Monkey Islandclose to that of the cartoons, made some people cringe, the new game retains the inventiveness and absurd humor that made the series famous.

By revisiting past iconic locations and iconic characters, this game has a flavor of nostalgia for fans, with a modernized and simplified format for those new to the series.

We should redo one every 10 or 15 years, right? jokes Mr. Grossman, smirking. Monkey Island may not have revealed all its secrets yet.

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