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Boris Johnson apologizes for the party held at 10 Downing Street in 2020 | Coronavirus


Watched by millions, the video sparked outrage in the UK, where the government has repeatedly denied reports that a party bringing together dozens was held on December 18, 2020.

I apologize wholeheartedly for the offense that [cette vidéo] has chatted all over the country and I apologize for the impression she givesBoris Johnson said during the weekly question and answer session in Parliament.

Saying to himself mad, he reaffirmed that he had been insured several times since the beginning of the affair thatthere had been no party and that’no rule had not been violated.

As some MPs called for his resignation, the Tory leader announced an internal investigation by Britain’s top civil servant, Simon Case, and promised consequences for those who have not followed the rules.

The video, broadcast by ITV, shows the Prime Minister’s press secretary, Allegra Stratton, preparing with other advisers, on December 22, 2020, answers to hypothetical questions from journalists about a supposed Christmas party in Downing Street held four days earlier.

The 41-year-old ex-journalist, who has since become the government spokesperson for COP26, resigned Wednesday, in tears, saying she would regret all his life his comments.

In the video, a colleague asks her, posing as a journalist, if there was a party, to which she laughs: I’m back home, before changing the subject.

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In the tone of the joke, Allegra Stratton then specifies that this imaginary party was a business meeting and there was no social distancing.

When many Britons were denied the opportunity to see their loved ones at Christmas last year, this Christmas party would have brought together around 40 people.

I understand the anger of the whole country when I see the staff of the 10 [Downing Street] seem to take the restrictions lightly, I understand how infuriating that must be.

A quote from Boris Johnson


In the early evening, London police said they would not open an investigation at this stage, citing the lack of evidence and its policy not to retrospectively investigate violations anti-COVID rules.

This case still undermines the government, already implicated in the past for other violations of the restrictions. Two polls say the British overwhelmingly in favor of Boris Johnson’s resignation.

The Prime Minister spent the week telling the public there had been no party, denounced Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer to Parliament, saying he was caught red-handed. Millions of people now think he took them for fools, he added.

Even within the Conservative Party, anger is brewing. Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross says the executive must say why it was authorized when it was totally against the guidelines.

These revelations embarrass the government all the more as Boris Johnson had to announce Wednesday a tightening of restrictions in order to stop the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom, including the return to telework and the introduction of the vaccine passport in some premises.

The United Kingdom, one of the countries in Europe most affected by the pandemic, with almost 146,000 deaths, now has more than 45,000 daily infections. A total of 131 new cases of the Omicron variant were reported on Wednesday.

Faced with this assessment, the jovial tone used in the video does not pass, a year to the day after the launch of the vaccination campaign in the United Kingdom.

It is heartbreaking and shameful to hear Boris Johnson’s side joke about breaking the rules they have made, lamented in a statement an association of families who lost loved ones during the pandemic.

For Matthew Taylor, who heads a confederation of public health organizations, the revelations are a morale boost caregivers.

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