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Boris Johnson’s government rocked by new sex scandal


It is a difficult return for the Conservative Prime Minister, who has just returned from a week abroad to attend three international summits.

After the social conflicts which are multiplying due to soaring prices and after the controversy of the party gatehe must manage a new business within his government.

In a resignation letter dated Thursday, Deputy Chief Whip Chris Pincher, responsible for parliamentary discipline for Tory MPs, acknowledges having drank too much and apologizes for having covered in shame, [lui] and other people.

According to several British media, the 52-year-old elected official touched two men, including an MP, on Wednesday evening, in front of witnesses in a private London club, the Carlton Club, reports Sky News. These gestures led to complaints to the party.

Stories of a sexual nature within the ruling government are piling up:

  • an MP resigned in April for watching pornography in the House on his cell phone;
  • an unnamed MP suspected of rape was arrested and later released on bail in mid-May;
  • and a former MP was sentenced in May to 18 months in prison for the sexual assault of a 15-year-old boy.
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The recent departure of two deputies had caused partial legislative elections and heavy defeats for the Conservatives, followed by the departure of party president Oliver Dowden.

Although he resigned from office, Mr. Pincher remains a Member of Parliament.

Prime Minister accepted resignation and thinks it was the right thing to do […]. He obviously finds this kind of behavior unacceptable and encourages those who wish to complain to do so.said his spokesperson.

But, in the face of calls for the MP to be expelled from the party and for an internal investigation to be held, pressure is mounting on Mr Johnson to take tougher action.

It’s out of the question for conservatives to ignore a possible sexual assaulttweeted Angela Rayner, the number two of the Labor Party, the main opposition formation.

Boris Johnson must now [nous] tell how Chris Pincher can stay Conservative MPshe added, lamenting a total degradation of the standards of public life under the prime minister.

Far from being an isolated case

The latter has been considerably weakened by the scandal of parties organized in Downing Street despite health restrictions during the pandemic. The case earned him a vote of confidence in his own camp, which he narrowly survived less than a month ago.

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On the Sky News channel, the minister responsible for Wales, Simon Hart, estimated that it could be counter productive to rush an investigation, but indicated that Chief Whip Chris Heaton-Harris would have conversations on Friday to determine the appropriate course of action.

It’s not the first time, I’m afraid it won’t be the last. It happens in the workplace from time to time »

A quote from Simon Hart, Minister responsible for Wales

Appointed in February, Mr Pincher had previously resigned as junior whip in 2017, accused of making sexual advances to an Olympic athlete and a potential Tory candidate in the election.

He had been cleared after an internal investigation. Reinstated by former Prime Minister Theresa May, he joined the Foreign Office as Secretary of State when Mr Johnson came to power in July 2019.

London police say they have not received any reports of assault at the Carlton Club.

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