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Boxes of classified documents stored at Donald Trump’s


That’s what the US National Archives said Friday in a letter to the Department of Justice.

The agency’s letter follows numerous reports surrounding Donald Trump’s handling of sensitive and even classified information during his tenure as president and after his departure from the White House.

US federal law prohibits moving confidential documents to unauthorized locations, but Mr Trump may be trying to argue that as president he was the ultimate authority on declassification.

The Department of Justice and the FBI have not yet announced their intentions.

The Archives’ letter also indicates that White House staff frequently conducted official business using unofficial email accounts and personal phones.

These employees did not copy or transfer their official email accounts, as required by the Presidential Records Actwhich was signed into law in 1978 after former President Richard Nixon wanted to destroy documents related to the Watergate scandal.

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The law states that presidential documents are the property of the United States government and not of the president himself. However, the National Archives also reveals that many documents were torn up and thrown away by President Trump.

the washington post first reported two weeks ago that the National Archives had asked the Justice Department to investigate the discovery of 15 boxes of White House documents recovered from Mr. Trump’s home in Florida.

The daily also wrote that the ex-president used to tear up documents, whether they were sensitive or common.

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