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Brazil: Bolsonaro hospitalized, possible surgery


The Nova Star Hospital, where Jair Bolsonaro was admitted around 3 a.m. local time on Monday, said in a statement that the far-right president had no fever or abdominal pain. He was hospitalized for a intestinal subocclusion, partial obstruction of the transit which can progress to occlusion, according to the hospital.

There is no definitive assessment yet on the need for surgery, again indicates this bulletin. If his surgeon opts for surgery, it would be the fifth abdominal operation for the Head of State since the stabbing attack he suffered in September 2018, in the midst of the presidential election campaign.

According to this latest bulletin, Mr. Bolsonaro was able to take a few steps in a corridor of the hospital where he remains under observation.

The president is fine and is in treatment, had assured in the morning the presidency in a press release, specifying that the Head of State suffered various exams.

Jair Bolsonaro said on his Twitter account to have started to feel pain on Sunday, after lunch.

In this message, illustrated with a photo of him on a hospital bed, thumbs up, with a nasogastric tube, the Brazilian president also indicates that other examinations will be carried out to assess the need an operation in the abdomen area.

TV Globo had previously broadcast images of the head of state disembarking at Congonhas airport in Sao Paulo from the presidential plane while walking, accompanied by his relatives. He came from the State of Santa Catarina, having left his vacation spot overnight.

Antonio Luiz Macedo, the surgeon who has previously operated on the president’s abdomen, has interrupted his vacation in the Bahamas. He was to arrive at Mr. Bolsonaro’s bedside the night of Monday to Tuesday, thanks to a flight chartered by the hospital.

It is not yet possible to say whether he will be operated on or not. I am his surgeon and it is I who will decide, after a clinical examination, an abdominal palpation, the surgeon had declared on a daily basis Valor.

Recurring episodes

Mr. Bolsonaro had already been treated for an occlusion in July 2021, in the establishment where he was again on Monday, after suffering from severe abdominal pain and a persistent hiccup attack lasting more than ten days.

During this last visit to the hospital, the doctors had decided not to operate, opting for a conservative treatment, including a liquid diet.

First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro posted on Twitter a thanks for the prayers and messages of affection received after hospitalization due to the 2018 attack, who will leave sequelae until the end of our lives.

Thank goodness my father is doing well!, tweeted for his part his eldest son, Senator Flavio Bolsonaro.

This is the last known condition of the Brazilian president who has suffered recurrent abdominal alerts for more than three years and the start of his mandate, in January 2019.

Brazilian right-wing presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro stabbed in the stomach during a campaign rally in Juiz de Fora, southern Minas Gerais state, September 6, 2018.

Mr. Bolsonaro had police protection, as a presidential candidate.

Photo: AFP / Getty Images / RAYSA LEITE

Stabbed in the intestine in September 2018, in the middle of a crowd, Jair Bolsonaro had passed very close to death, having lost a lot of blood.

This event gave a dramatic turn to the end of the presidential campaign, which he finally won easily against the left.

Several media, including the daily O Globo, assured Monday that Mr. Bolsonaro was finally forced tointerrupt his controversial vacation in the state of Santa Catarina, where he arrived with his family on December 27.

He had not wished to cut short his seaside vacation to go to the state of Bahia stricken by deadly floods at the end of the year.

Images of the president strolling on the beach, in an amusement park, or jet-skiing had created controversy in Brazil after catastrophic rains that affected more than half a million people and pushed 136 localities to declare a state of emergency.

The president’s official agenda, however, called for a return to Brasilia on Monday, even if it was empty.

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