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Brazil: President Bolsonaro is not operated, but remains hospitalized


Nine months before the presidential election, the 66-year-old head of state had to leave his vacation spot in Santa Catarina state overnight from Sunday to Monday to be transported to Sao Paulo and admitted to the Vila Nova Star hospital.

This establishment announced in a press release on Tuesday that intestinal sub-occlusive state of the president – a partial obstruction of transit – resolved and that’surgery is not necessary.

The evolution of the state of Jair Bolsonaro continues to be satisfactory and he will begin a liquid diet starting Tuesday, the hospital said, adding thatno release date has been scheduled at this stage.

This is the same treatment option chosen by the president’s doctors during his last hospitalization, for four days in July 2021, in the same hospital and for the same condition.

The decision not to operate was taken by surgeon Antonio Luiz Macedo, who interrupted his vacation in the Bahamas to examine the president at dawn on Tuesday.

Photos posted on social media to Jair Bolsonaro and his wife Michelle’s accounts show Dr Macedo, who has operated on the president in the past, giving him an abdominal palpation. Among the keywords: faith, Jesus, president.

In another photo, Mr Bolsonaro is seen walking through the halls of the hospital, in black Bermuda shorts, and still equipped with a gastric tube and an intravenous drip.

Since the stabbing attack of which he was the victim in September 2018, in the midst of the presidential election campaign, Jair Bolsonaro has suffered a succession of abdominal alerts.

Stabbed in the intestine during a walkabout, he narrowly escaped death. The aftereffects of this attack, which earned him four operations on his abdomen, have punctuated his mandate.

A digestive system surgeon quoted Tuesday by the daily O Globo estimated that Jair Bolsonaro, who wants to run for president in October, would probably be handicapped all his life by intestinal problems.

But two tweets were published on the official account of the president, about the approval of a tax abatement for the importation of scientific material, a way of showing that he remains in control of the country despite his hospitalization.

Jair Bolsonaro was criticized during the holiday season for staying at his vacation spot in Santa Catarina rather than traveling to the flood-stricken state of Bahia.

In the end, it was his abdominal pain that made him cut his stay short.

The far-right president is entering his last year in office in a delicate position, with popularity ratings at an all-time low and polls showing him widely defeated in the October ballot by left-wing ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva .

The economic context in Brazil is also worrying, with soaring inflation and not very optimistic growth forecasts for 2022.

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