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By hologram, the Ukrainian president appeals to global tech


No other country in the world will offer you such a chance to use the most advanced technologies within a state.assured President Zelensky, virtually present at VivaTech, but also in other events in Europe such as The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam.

Moreover, the major Parisian fair for new companies and technology dedicated to innovation and digital technology welcomes 14 young Ukrainian companies. It runs until Saturday.

Ukraine is a chance for yourepeated the Ukrainian president, who wishes to benefit from a form of lend-lease, on the model of that provided by the United States during the Second World War to help European countries at war.

We will be offering digital lend-lease in the coming weeks, at a reconstruction conference in Lugano, Switzerlandhe said.

In a khaki outfit, Zelenski admitted he was unusual for a president or head of government to speak via hologram.

But “it is not the only element of Star Wars that we will put into practice. We will defeat the Empire too,” the former actor said, referring to Russia.

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Ukraine often highlights the high level of digitalization of the state. This digitization has enabled it to better resist the Russian offensive. Thanks to it, it is possible, for example, to continue to issue payments in war zones, which would be unthinkable with a traditional organization, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov recently explained.

Technological Ukraine in force

No less than fourteen Ukrainian initiatives are present at VivaTech.

These include ClinCaseQuest, a platform for medical students to study clinical trials, and Miso, which offers a monitoring system that analyzes a person’s health using algorithms to prevent heart disease.

We want to show that Ukrainian technology, whatever the case, despite the war and the challenges facing the country, it is strong, and it can offer interesting partnerships to French and European companies.Diana Sidko, head of the Ukraine kiosk at VivaTech, told AFP.

This is the first time that Ukraine has its booth at this show. There are many American and European global companies whose development teams are based in Ukraine. There are really thousands of people employed today. About 250,000 in engineeringunderlines Diana Sidko.

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Each young company present at VivaTech is a seed of courage, who continues to work in quite difficult conditions, but who knows how to overcome them, whether based in Ukraine, Portugal or temporarily in France like Lookerz and Cardio AIdetails Diana Sidko.

The presence of Ukraine at the show was decided before the Russian invasion.

In the fall, before the war broke out, there was already a desire for Ukraine to participate in VivaTech. It is a country which, on the European technological scene, is increasingly dynamic, active and interesting.underlines the director of the show, Julie Ranty.

Despite the conflict, discussions have continued, with the aim that these young Ukrainian companies can continue to develop their activities and find visibility, customers, investments at Viva Tech.

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