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Canadians called to ‘immediately leave’ Ethiopia


Canada expresses concern over rapidly deteriorating security situation in Ethiopia, wrote the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mélanie Joly, in a press release made public on Friday. Until then, Ottawa had confined itself to advising Canadians to avoid all travel to this East African country.

We are now asking all Canadians there to leave the country immediately, if it is safe to do so.

A quote from Mélanie Joly, Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Availability of commercial flights may soon become limited if the situation continues to worsen, adds Ms. Joly.

Canada is not the only country asking its nationals to flee this country.

France calls on its nationals to leave without delay Ethiopia, as the United Nations (UN) evacuates the families of its international employees in the country.

An internal document from the security services of theUN consulted by theAFP asks the organization of202 “,” text “:” coordinate the evacuation and ensure that all eligible family members of staff recruited abroad leave the country by November 25, 202 “}}”>coordinate the evacuation and ensure that all eligible family members of staff recruited from abroad leave the country no later than November 25, 202.

The spokesperson forUN, Stéphane Dujarric, estimating at several hundred the number of people affected by this measure.

The United Kingdom and the United States have already given the same instructions to their nationals. These calls take place against a backdrop of external tensions.

Two women walk past a damaged military truck.

Two women walk past a damaged Ethiopian Defense Force truck in the village of Bisober, in Ethiopia’s Tigray region (on file).

Photo: Getty Images / EDUARDO SOTERAS

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been engaged since the beginning of the month in a real standoff with the authorities of the Tigray region, from the Tigray Liberation Front (TPLF), whom he accuses of having attacked military bases .

In October, the TPLF announced the capture of two key cities in Amhara, thus approaching the capital, information immediately denied by Addis Ababa.

With an alliance with an Oromo rebel group not far from the capital, the TPLF said he was in Shewa Robit, 220 km northeast of Addis Ababa.

Some diplomats even claim that some fighters are already in Debre Sina, closer to about 30 km from the capital.

Endless calls for a ceasefire

The Secretary General ofUN, Antonio Guterres, called on Wednesday for a immediate and unconditional ceasefire.

This appeal comes on top of those made the day before by the heads of state of South Africa and Kenya, Cyril Ramaphosa and Uhuru Kenyatta.

The US envoy for Ethiopia, Jeffrey Feltman, has suggested nascent progress for a diplomatic settlement of the conflict. He warned, however, that climbing military risk undermining these efforts.

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