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China ready to take “drastic measures” against Taiwan


China will take “drastic measures” against Taiwan if the island decides to gain formal independence, a Chinese official warned on Wednesday, adding that Taipei’s provocations and outside interference could intensify next year. .

Beijing regards Taiwan as an integral part of its territory and has increased military and diplomatic pressure over the past two years, provoking Taipei’s ire and concern in Washington.

China was ready to do everything possible to achieve peaceful reunification with Taiwan, but it would be compelled to act if any red line was crossed on the issue of independence, said the spokesperson for the Chinese Bureau of China. Taiwanese businessman Ma Xiaoguang at a press conference.

If Taiwanese separatist forces wishing for independence were to provocate, use force, or cross a red line, we would be forced to employ drastic measures.

A quote from Ma Xiaoguang, Chinese Taiwanese Affairs Bureau

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Taiwanese Mainland Affairs Council called on Beijing to think seriously about its action towards Taiwan and make a correct judgment on the situation.

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